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Martian Memories (2008)

A story of 2 Victorian gents' travels to Mars

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Starting making music on an Roland workstation (XP-50) in 1997. All instrumental type of stuff that remind me most of film soundtrack music. Done about 200 little 2 minute chunks of music in that time. Much the same here but with 2 vocal efforts.

Martin Boucher on Roland XP-50 synth workstation and electric guitar. All recorded on a Korg D4 digital recorder.



Completed Albums

Martian Memories(2008)

A story of 2 Victorian gents' travels to Mars

Blast off Mars awaits
Dust storms in the Martian desert
The Martians are friendly
Unreal garden
Evil robots beware
Martians at work
Robots building robots
The robots are coming
Robots attack
Martians lead us back to our ship
We must leave this place
No coordinates lost in space
misc track 1
misc track 2
misc track 3